Excellent Pilates instruction from Charlotte Hopkinson and her team at The Sanctuary of Healing and Stanley House.
Podiatry practice with several clinics in the area, including one at Whalley Physiotherapy.
Specialists in everyday foot problems as well as biomechanical assessment and gait analysis, kinesio taping and children’s foot health.
Suzanne Liddle’s Personal Training and Pilates – sessions held in Whalley and at Stanley House, Blackburn.
Incorporating Temple Fitness, the first CrossFit gym in the Ribble Valley and one of the best equipped in the UK.
Run by Chris Templeman and his fellow coaches.
Carter Leisure in Clitheroe
Mecure Foxfields Hotel Health Club near Whalley/Billington
Oakhill Academy in Whalley
Prince-Allen Swimming School based at Stonyhurst College
Roefield swimming, indoor climbing and other sports in Clitheroe